Scripture Repair

Scriptures see a lot of use.

There are few books that get read as often as our scriptures. Naturally over time the wear and tear overwhelms and the scriptures are no longer of use without adding further damage to the book. The sad truth is that scriptures are just not built for constant use. All is not lost and nearly every set of scriptures can be repaired to the point they can be used regularly again.


In particular, living here in Utah, I receive many requests to repair scriptures for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. As a member of this church I am thrilled to help others out as I have had to repair and recover my own set of scriptures. I love working with religious texts and have worked on many spanning centuries and religious organizations including a Book of Hours circa 1400, to 1st edition Books of Mormon, and present day every-day scriptures.

Do you have some personal or family scriptures that require repair to make them usable again or conservation for preservation? We would love to assist you!

Some of our scripture repair projects