Repair of 1814 Hieroglyphic Bible

Really excited to work on this  rare Hieroglyphic Bible printed in America in 1814 by Isaiah Thomas Jr. Isaiah Thomas (Sr.) played an important role as a printer during the American Revolution. Through the work of his presses he supported George Washington, the Revolution, and the Federalist Party. Beyond the work of his printshop he actively participated in historic events such as the Battle at Concord. 

This Hieroglyphic Bible was a work created by Isaiah Thomas. It was meant for children in that it uses a rebus to teach the stories of the bible, both Old and New Testament. This second edition was printed by Isaiah Thomas Jr. who took over the print shop after his fathers death.

Repairs are underway on this picture bible as part of preparation for the Colonial Heritage Festival. The festival is a long running event in which the period of the Revolution is reenacted with enthusiasm and authenticity. At the festival you will have the opportunity to interact with Isaiah Thomas in his printshop. Also nearby the printshop you will find, returning for my second year, my bookbinding shop. Follow along with this restoration as I will soon be announcing the Revolutionary persona and shop we will be reenacting.  The festival is to be held at Scera Park in Orem, Utah on July 4th-6th, 2019!