Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding Class — Sep 14, 10 am to 2 pm


Discover the ancient art of historical long-stitch bookbinding in our captivating class. Dive into the rich history of this technique, master the decorative exposed stitching, and create beautifully handcrafted books. Enroll now to become a storyteller of the past, preserving knowledge with each carefully bound page.



Mastering the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding: A Creative Bookbinding Experience

Discover the captivating art of Japanese bookbinding with our specialized class on the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding. This course combines traditional techniques with a unique twist, focusing on creating beautiful and functional handmade books.

Immerse yourself in the process of handcrafting books using the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding method. This technique features a distinctive and elegant stitching pattern that not only provides strong binding but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the exposed spine of the book.

Throughout this class, you’ll explore every step of the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding process, from selecting and preparing your materials to sewing and finishing your book. Our expert instructors will guide you through each stage, sharing valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help you master this beautiful craft.

You will learn:

  • The history and evolution of Japanese stab binding techniques.
  • An understanding of essential bookbinding tools and materials.
  • How to prepare and align single sheets of paper for binding.
  • The art of sewing your book using the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding method.
  • Techniques for creating neat and professional-looking exposed bindings.
  • Tips for maintaining and preserving your handcrafted books.
  • This course is perfect for beginners looking to explore a new creative hobby, artists seeking to diversify their skills, or experienced bookbinders wanting to expand their repertoire with unique techniques.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to learn a new craft, create beautiful handmade books, and gain a deeper appreciation for the art of Japanese bookbinding.

All materials for the class will be provided. By the end of the course, you’ll leave with a handcrafted book made entirely by you, ready to be filled with your artistic creations.

Embark on this journey of creativity and craftsmanship, and let the Japanese Fortune Cookie Stab Binding technique inspire your artistic expression. Enroll now and discover the enchanting world of Japanese bookbinding!

This class starts at 10 am and will go to approximately 2 pm.