Historic Flat Back BookBinding Class, June 8 2024 @ 10 am

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Experience the fascinating world of traditional bookbinding with our Historical Flat Back Binding class. This course will guide you through the steps of the 19th-century binding method known for its practicality and aesthetic charm. Under expert tutelage, you’ll learn everything from preparing your paper and creating your text block to elegantly finishing your flat-back book.…



Historic Flat Back Binding: Journey through Traditional Bookbinding

Join us as we dive into the fascinating bookbinding world with our unique course focused on the Historical Flat Back Binding method. This course transports you back to the 19th century when this technique was commonly used for binding books, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional strength.

Our Historical Flat Back Binding class introduces you to this traditional craft, taking you step by step through creating your own flat-back book. From preparing your paper and constructing the text block to applying the cover and mastering the crucial skills of gluing and pressing, our expert instructor will guide you through every detail.

The key aspects you will learn include:

  • The history and evolution of the Flat Back Binding technique.
  • The understanding and use of essential bookbinding tools and materials.
  • Techniques for creating and preparing your book block.
  • How to apply a cover and finish your flat back book elegantly.
  • Care and preservation of your hand-bound books.

Whether a beginner seeking a new creative outlet or an experienced bookbinder looking to expand your skills, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to a valuable historical binding method. By the end of the course, you’ll have your own handcrafted flat-back book and the skills to continue your bookbinding journey at home.

This Historical Flat Back Binding class offers a rare opportunity to explore the history and practicality of a time-honored bookbinding method. Enroll now, step into the captivating world of traditional bookbinding, and experience the unique satisfaction of creating your own hand-bound books.

This class starts at 10 am and will go to approximately 4 pm.