Carolingian Binding

Date: Early Medieval 8th-10th Century

Type of Binding: Double Cord

Measurements: 135 x 200 x 50mm

This Carolingian Binding reproduction is to demonstrate how books were being made in the Frankish Dynasty spanning from the 8th-10th centuries. This particular book was fashioned after books being made in the Palace of Aachen, under the Carolingian King, Charlemagne. With the use of Szirmai’s book, The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding, I pieced together using the pictures and diagrams a book similar to the books of this time period.
The covers are quarter sawn oak wooden boards, paper instead of vellum, unpaired calf skin leather was used on the cover and headbands, linen cords and thread were also used, with a brass peg and clasp to close the book.