Carl Bloch Print—Woman Walking Down a Road

Date: 1898 (estimate)

Owner: Brigham Young University, Museum of Art

Exhibit: Lasting Impressions

Measurements: 270 x 245 mm

Previous Condition:

Remove from framed mat, Light Bleach


Tested ink, Submerged print in vat of deionized water, with remay under prints to stabilize. Some scarf tears happened during mat and adhesive removal, only in the margins of print.

Placed under Lights to bleach 4 hours one day, dried overnight, then repeated process for 4 hours the next day, Dried overnight, Repeated a third day for 2 hours.

Print split down the middle due to the watermark in the paper, Lined the print with Japanese paper and paste, Lightly sprayed with deionized water, Flattened between blotter for a couple days.