Books and Journals

When I began bookbinding 25+ years ago, my first initial thought was that all books were all made the same. This is a silly notion, I know, but all books have similar components, essentially, and they all seem to function the same. However, the last 2,000 years of history has shown us that “the book” has changed in aesthetics but not in essentials. It has been my personal desire to learn what the book has looked like in every time period since it’s first inception, for a couple of reasons. First, so that I can identify the time period that any book I come in contact with and two, so that I am able to perform conservation or repair work that is in keeping with the time period in which the book was made.

Colonial Binding
Flatback w/ slipcase
Double Longstitch— Chevron

I do take custom request orders, so if you see something you like or you know of something you want, let’s talk and make you a custom book to love and use!

Long Stitch
Medieval Miniature
Carolingian Binding

Bookbinding has brought me so much enjoyment over the years, I love that I can take separate materials and turn them into a combined whole that is a book is still amazing to me! Most of the books I bind are blank and have the potential to become anything I desire. I have had so much fun exploring the book throughout the ages, Medieval Bindings are my personal favorite to bind and to research. This gallery of photos are just some of the books I have made along my bookbinding path. Occasionally, I will have books to sell, for others to fill.

Coptic Binding
Limp Vellum
Faux Cord Binding