Conservation & Book Repair

Conservation & Repair

Making Books Whole Again

Book Conservation & Repair

Early twentieth century book titled Bills Manual needing book repair
The same book as seen before needing repair, but shown here as repaired

Book conservation and repair requires a knowledge of how books have been constructed spanning nearly a thousand years. At Paper Leaf Bindery, we have made a study of these methods and often demonstrate bookbinding at medieval, renaissance, and colonial fairs.

Have a book that requires conservation, preservation, or repair? We would love to assist you!

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Some of our book conservation, repair, and restoration projects

Over the years we have had the great opportunity to work on many hundreds of books. Everything from minor repairs with cosmetic touchups to complete rebinds/recovers of water or fire damages books. Below you can see just a few of our conservation, repair, and restoration projects.

Danish Hymnal
Sacred Hymns
George Careless Hymnal
1st Edition Little Women
Book of Hours circa 1400
Martinez Opera
1920 Triple Combination
1907 Book of Mormon
1849 Liverpool, England BofM — burnt
A Voice of Warning
1882 D&C
Holy Bible— Private Collection, BB
Hansen Photo Album
Holy Bible Estimated 1870— Private Collection
1814 Hieroglyphic Bible— Isaiah Thomas Jr
Discourses of Brigham Young—BB
The Holy Bible