1920 Triple Combination Book Repair

Date: 1920

Owner: Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, Special Collections

Measurements: book- 120 x 186 x 50 mm, slipcase- 134 x 194 x 54mm

Previous Condition:

Leather cover yaps at head, tail and fore edge deteriorating, spine broken, lots of tape removal, housing needed


Re-build cover, repair yaps, total re-back, custom housing

The debut of the triple combination was so exciting for some, to have all 3 books together was amazing. However, the owner (Lula) still thought she needed other pages, like the index and reference material, so she taped them into the book. The bulk of the repair was removing the taped in pages and mending them as seen here. Oh, how Lula loved tape. There was considerable time also spent fixing the leather extensions on the cover (called yaps). With this repair, only the original pages prepared and resewn back in. The additional pages which had been added were encapsulated in mylar sleeves and incorporated in the custom housing I made to fit both the book and pages.